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Coming to Know Ourselves

Through Modelling a Head of Clay

Workshops - with Annegret von Pusch

Workshops 2019:     December 12-14

Workshops 2019:     February 13-15 / May 14-16 / July 9-11 / October 29-31


Archetypes in Fairy Tales and Myths

Would you like to immerse yourself into the imagery of fairytales and myths?

Workshops 2019:     December 19-21

Workshops 2020:     January 9-11 / March 5-7 / June 4-6 / August 13-15 / November 5-7


What is Infinity?

Workshops - with Annegret von Pusch

Modelling Forms in Movement - The Lemniscate and the Möbius Strip

Dynamic Drawing and Clay Modelling

Workshops 2019:     September 5-7 / December 5-7

Workshops 2020:     January 16-18 / March 12-14 / June 11-13 / August 20-22 / November 12-14


Christmas Concert

on December 27, 2019
- with Natalia Nikolayeva on piano


The Human Countenance

Through Painting and Drawing  we shall approach expressions of the human face.

Workshops - with Annegret von Pusch

Workshops 2019:    November 14-16

Workshops 2020:    February 20-22 / May 21-23 / July 16-18 / December 10-12  


The vitality of Light

Every Monday 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Painting with plant colours

- with Annegret v. Pusch


Last Minute Summer Offer

20% off the room rate

if you book before the 20th of July 2019

The Last Minute Offer is valid from 1st May to 30th September 2019


Sunshine, beach and more…

Offer for families with free additional services

Recreation for the whole family.


Beauty Cure with Aloe Vera

Get to know an old medicinal plant. For the treatments we use the fresh gel of the aloe vera plant that grows on Lanzarote.


The Grail

English Spring Week: 2nd to 9th June 2019

THE GRAIL - From Myth and Legends to Religious Symbol - From Religious Symbol to Spiritual Reality

Lectures, Discussions, Eurythmy with Andrew Wolpert, Simon Blaxland de Lange, Steve Roberts, Carina Schmid and Christopher West

Folder Workshop and Lectures


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