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English Winter Week 25th to 30th November 2018

Supersensible Perception of Nature in Lanzarote

- with Frank and Inessa Burdich

Flyer with program for download


Una hora de música

08th November 2018
Guitar music and Hang (sound drum) - with Gianluca Greco


Chamber Concerto

for Violin and Piano

with Iya Zhmaeva an Javier Díaz González

Events 2018: December 14


Lanzarote - A place of light for creative experiences

From the 25th of February to the 2nd of March 2019
Painting Workshop (3 or 6 days possible)
- with Hedda-Maria Thimm


Piano Concert

on September 26, 2018
- with Natalia Nikolayeva



In 2018 we celebrate 25th anniversary of the Centro

and 30th anniversary of the Foundation


Una hora de Jazz

One hour of Jazz - with Juan Gomez Moreno

August 25


Archetypes in Fairy Tales and Myths

Would you like to immerse yourself into the imagery of fairytales and myths?

Workshops 2018:     October 4-6 / November 29 - December 1

Workshops 2019:     January 10-12 / February 7-9 / May 30 - June 1 / July 25-27


The Human Countenance

Through Painting and Drawing  we shall approach expressions of the human face.

Workshops - with Annegret von Pusch

Workshops 2018:    October 18-20 / December 13-15

Workshops 2019:    February 21-23 / May 16-18 / July 4-6


Imagination Becoming Visible

Workshops with Annegret von Pusch

Workshops 2018:     Novmber 1-3 / December 20-22

Workshops 2019:     January 17-19 / March 21-23 / June 13-15


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