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Note to the newsletter ASinGB

Our "english spring week" about the "Grail" was very comprehensive and substantial. It could have been with more participants, but for those who could attend it was very impressive, as the letter of a participant shows - published in the "member's forum" of the Autumn Newsletter of the ASinGB (page 19).


English Winter Week 23th to 29th November 2019

Supersensible Perception of Nature in Lanzarote

- with Frank and Inessa Burdich

Flyer with program for download


Newsletter Centro

Current Newsletter September 2019 as PDF

The Centro sends every 2 months a current newsletter, which informs about the special events of the past months and at the same time gives an outlook on the diverse program items of culture in the coming months.If you would like to receive the newsletter by e-mail,  please send an email to; You can also sign up via the contact form on this website and are always á jour over all incidents in the Centro.


Una hora de Jazz

One hour of Jazz - with Juan Gomez Moreno

Events 2019: 25.10. / 30.11.


Chamber Concerto

for Violin and Piano

with Iya Zhmaeva an Javier Díaz González

Events 2019: 19.10. / 23.11. / 21.12.


Jazz, Pop & Bossa Nova

Concert dates 2019: 26.09. / 08.11. / 07.12.

Jannike Linn - Voice, Melodica, Piano, Percussions
Jan Henrik - Voice, Guitar, Percussions

The two musicians Jannike Linn and Jan Henrik create a unique and heart-warming sound.
The audience is invited to go on a journey and follow the two musicians through sensitive and intimate arrangements that will leave a lasting impression on anyone listening!


Painting course on Lanzarote

From 24.02. until 01.03.2020
- with Hedda-Maria Thimm (anthroposophic art therapist and painter)
Painting course 3 or 6 days


Imagination Becoming Visible

Workshops with Annegret von Pusch

Workshops 2019:     September 12-14

Workshops 2020:      January 23-25 / March 19-21 / June 18-20 / August 27-29 / November 19-21


Coming to Know Ourselves

Through Modelling a Head of Clay

Workshops - with Annegret von Pusch

Workshops 2019:     December 12-14

Workshops 2019:     February 13-15 / May 14-16 / July 9-11 / October 29-31


Archetypes in Fairy Tales and Myths

Would you like to immerse yourself into the imagery of fairytales and myths?

Workshops 2019:     December 19-21

Workshops 2020:     January 9-11 / March 5-7 / June 4-6 / August 13-15 / November 5-7


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