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Your retreat

Improve your wellbeing and quality of life by combining the unique healing properties of Lanzarote with our own therapeutic treatments.

In Lanzarote you can experience the elements at their purest and most intense. The bright sunlight, black volcanic rock, clear sea and refreshing clean air all carry their own invigorating power. Together they don’t simply stimulate the body, but also inspire the soul, encourage creativity and enhance life as a whole.

At the Centro de Terapia Antroposófica you can combine these gifts of nature with our own remedial programmes to create the wellbeing holiday that’s right for you.

In this section you can learn about:


"The direct contact of my skin with the rocks of this unadulterated nature, gives me the strength and the energy of my life" Cesar Manrique


Information brochure: Anthroposophical Therapy Centre 


In 2018 we celebrate 25th anniversary of the Centro

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