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Weekly Events


During your stay in the Centro, you will find many cultural activities on offer. These consists of concerts, lectures conversation, fairy tales, poetry and much more. Often there are workshops and seminars. The celebration of the yearly festivals enjoys special attention in our programme.

Most of the cultural activities are in German, but many events are also be offered in English and Spanish.

If you would like to share an interesting rendition, please do not hesitate to phone or mail us.


Weekly events, witch are muli-lingual



Finca Lomos Altos: - Visit our biological agriculture (every two weeks)

Folklore Evening (every two weeks)

Eurhythmy (in goups)

Painting with vegetable colours



Eurhythmy (in groups)

Open painting



Eurhythmy (in groups)

Painting with cochineal colours



Island excursions

Eurhythmy (in groups)

Open Choir



Eurhythmy (in groups)

Evening events (concerts, poetry, Astronomic observations, etc.)



Island excursions "flat and easy"

Painting in the volcanic landscape



Sunday celebration

or worship of Christian Community (usually conducted in German)


Workshops and much more besides are regulary listed in the weekly Centro-program.

Often there are many special events, workshops and seminars - for more information, see our culture preview.

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