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About us


Imagine the sun rising over the horizon. A white sandy beach. Fresh sea air.

Now imagine yourself wading in the ocean, waves splashing against your skin. You have a soothing massage booked for the afternoon, then a mud soak in rich local volcanic soil. After that a piano concert, a literature club, a poetry evening…

You can do as much or as little as you like on a Centro de Terapia Antroposófica retreat on Lanzarote. From simply enjoying a beach holiday to making the most of our holistic treatments and cultural events, we’ll help you make your getaway your own.

Why Lanzarote?

“Every man carries within his own landscape.
It is a true blessing to find it for real. I have found mine: Lanzarote.”

José Saramago (Portuguese Nobel Prize winner for Literature)

Whatever your ideal retreat, you can be sure that the island of Lanzarote is the ideal location.

With its mild climate and abundant sunshine, the island is a great year-round holiday destination. Thanks to fresh winds, summer temperatures on Lanzarote rarely soar above 32°C (90°F). In the winter months they can climb to an incredible 20°C (68°F), so you can enjoy spring weather and a swim in the sea even in January. The sun is out nearly every day of the year, with a quality of light that easily lifts the spirit.

Lanzarote is also very easy to get to. It’s served by all charter airlines, and you are welcome to begin your retreat on any day of the week, so get booking!

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