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Anthroposophic therapy

Preventing disease and restoring health are key aims of anthroposophic therapy.

This type of medicine doesn’t just concern itself with the condition of your body. It regards the human being as one whole, and takes into account your personality and the condition of your mind when treating acute disease and chronic illness.

That’s why, along with medication and other means of conventional medicine, anthroposophic therapy advocates the use of physiotherapy, massage, eurythmy, and a variety of art therapies to improve health.

On a retreat at the Centro de Terapia Antroposófica you may find yourself painting in the spectacular volcanic landscape, singing or modelling, whatever your age. This is all part of feeling whole again and boosting your wellbeing.

Anthroposofic therapy also aims to help you take responsibility for your own health for the long term. At Centro de Terapia Antroposófica we’ll support you to take an active part in your healing process and develop a healthy lifestyle. That way you can continue your self-development long after your Lanzarote retreat.

What is anthroposophy?

Anthropos = human being; sophia = wisdom

Developed by Rudolph Steiner – Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect and author (1861–1925) – anthroposophy is a philosophy that regards the human being as a single entity encompassing body, soul and spirit.

Steiner sought to understand the human soul and spiritual experience through scientific methods, and thus find ways to nurture inner self-development and independent thinking.

Today anthroposophic ideas are applied in practical ways to education, biodynamic agriculture, medicine, ethical banking, the arts and organisational development.






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