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Heated pool

Whether you’re looking to relieve those tired joints, revive your weary body or simply relax, try our warm indoor pool.

Open all year round, the pool is heated to a pleasant 34°C (93°F) and enriched with sea salt – the only pool of its kind on Lanzarote. It helps to relieve exhaustion and pain from arthritis, improve the circulation of lymph fluid and heal the skin.

The pool is heated using clean solar energy, and the automatic electrolytic breakdown of sea salt means the water is always naturally clean.

Before you dive in…

  • People with heart or circulatory problems should see our doctor ahead of using the pool.
  • This will help us determine how long you should spend in the pool, and the effect this will have on you.
  • Children can use the pool only with express medical permission, and must always be under adult supervision.


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