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Ready-made packages

Chill our and experience

  • It is a good opportunity to form a first impression of Lanzarote and our Centre, and this all for a special price.

Vitality and health

  • Restore your body’s self-regulatory qualities, enhance your vitality and improve your health with this treatment regime.


  • Everybody talks about ‘burnout’, but is not in itself a diagnosis - it is a type of psychological stress, it affects both body and mind, and leads to a significant loss of energy.

Biography Counselling

  • Life's rhythms – ailment or exhaustion taken as a chance.
  • Biography counselling, curative eurythmy, and anthroposophical art therapy are our approach to the things that mirror our life unexpectedly. It is by them that we fathom the issues and aims by which our fate imposes responsibility on us. Ailments may show a deep significance and realising this may help to overcome them. In this way we are invigorating our life forces so that the “I” will connect to our soul forces and to our physical body.


  • Stress and simple nervous habits are among the factors believed to trigger this itchy skin disease.
  • Relieve symptoms and improve your comfort with our targeted programme of treatments.

Joint and musculosketetal problems

  • Does chronic back, joint or muscle pain limit your movement? Do you still feel the effect of surgery you’ve had in the past?
  • Feel better for the long term, with the special joint and musculoskeletal treatment programme we’ve developed.






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