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ENGLISH WEEKS: 15th May to 15th June 2017

Trusting our Spiritual experiences
Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May
Morning workshops - with Russell and Jaqueline Evans

Flyer English Weeks

In this age it is no longer sufficient to have blind belief or rely on another authority for our faith, we need to know for ourselves. It’s interesting that St Paul describes faith as Trust in the evidence of things unseen. It is a path of knowledge Most of us have questioned,”What is a spiritual experience”, furthermore, how can I identify such occasions? Hearing other people’s experiences may encourage us to look at our own and enable us to make sense of our own life and destiny. Can we gain trust in our own internal guidance?

The older one gets more important it is to become aware of events, the significance of which may have eluded us at the time. Such as moments of coincidences, synchronicity, moments of Grace, prophetic dreams and so on. In conversation we may have the opportunity to explore some examples. Gathering together our own and other people’s experiences which we may have witnessed and recognised their authenticity, strengthens our own Faith as “Trust in the evidence of things unseen” and to affirm for yourself; “This I Know”. In the words of Aristotle “The slenderest knowledge of Higher things is more desirable than the greatest knowledge of lesser things.”
Not what can be proved to you is most desirable but that which by a patient contemplative thinking can reveal increasing meaning and significance and is found to match the facts; that is what is vital for mankind’s future. Our intention is to explore these issues together.

Jacqueline will offer Eurythmy excercises relevent to the Theme and appropriate to the participants.

Russell Evans has been an active member of the Anthroposophical Society for over fifty years. By profession he was a Chartered Electrical Engineer in British Telecom, by choice an Anthroposophist He has spent a life-time sharing the fruits of Anthroposophy in the U.K and America, facilitating groups and workshops with a favourite theme of developing a sense of Community and finding one’s own Life Question.

Jacqueline Evans has worked for many years as a Eurythmist and Eurythmy Therapist with children and adults with learning difficulties.


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